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Our heritage begins 4 generations ago in 1924 with the opening of Progress Grocery in the heart of the French Quarter
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The Family
Our family business is run by the third and fourth generation of Perrone family members. We have been lucky enough to have inherited experience and dedication from our previous generations. This allows us to be ready to serve the customer and continue to grow the family business for the next generation to take over.
John Perrone Jr.
John Perrone Jr.
John Jr. - third generation
He is the Grandson of our Founding Father Bartholomew Perrone, Son of John Perrone Sr.
Debbie Perrone
Debbie Perrone
Human Resources
JDebbie Perrone is the wife of John Perrone Jr. She heads up human relations and also day to day operations.
John Perrone III
John Perrone III
Chief Information Officer
John III - fourth genertion
He is great grandson to Bartholomew Perrone, grandson to John Perrone Sr., and son to John Perrone Jr. He leads our day to day operations and our I.T.
Russell (Rusty) Perrone
Russell (Rusty) Perrone
Vice President Sales
Russell - fourth generation
He is great grandson to Bartholomew Perrone, grandson to John Perrone Sr., and son to John Perrone Jr. He handles day to day operations and directs sales.
Our Deceased Partners
Our family business wouldn't be where it is now if it weren't for our partners that are deceased and laid the groundwork for the family to continue their legacy.
Bartholomew Perrone
Bartholomew Perrone
Bartholomew Perrone emigrated from Cefulu, Sicily to New Orleans in 1905. He worked in several grocery stores in New Orleans before he opened Progress Grocery in 1924.
John Perrone, Sr.
John Perrone, Sr.
2nd Generation
John Perrone Sr. took the reigns from his father, Bartholomew and worked tirelessly behind the counter like his father did. He had the foresight to start some wholesale business out of the store.
Randall Perrone
Randall Perrone
4th Generation
Randall, twin to Russell, came into the business like his brothers Russell and John after graduating from college. He was instrumental in the growth during the 4th generation reign. He passed away in 2013 from complications from brain tumor surgery.

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We are a family business started by Bartholomew Perrone in 1924. The partners of the Perrone and De Maio families originally opened Progress Grocery, later splitting and becoming Progress Grocery and Central Grocery, thus giving the muffuletta sandwich its rich and slightly varied history and legacy. Currently we are in our fourth generation offering the same Italian quality products that Bartholomew did in the deli, but we also offer over 5,000 specialty items and ingredients to restaurants and grocery stores.

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